I can’t control myself watching WGM Taemin-Naeun. I just scream like crazy everytime they act different(?). Really I cant express my feeling right now, I don’t know how to describe it. They are driving me crazy especially Taemin. hahahaha.

I have no idea he can do ‘those things’. In my mind, he’s still covering as a boy-lil kid but now he’s already more like a man.

Naeun is sweet and cute too. And also she looks innocent and prety when she smiles.

They match each other well, I think.

And one more shocking things that Taemin is really really really GOOD at NGEGOMBAL *unpredicteable! Out of imagination* Seriously, i just ASDFGHJKLWNBPOGM everytime he did that. Hahahahahahahaha

Teaminnie-aaaaaaah~ eomma(?) just realized that you are already grown up.. Hiks hiks *cry* But I’m happy that you meet a right partner such as Son Naeun ^_^

As your eomma(?), I wish you and Naeun always be bless. You two are the best 😉

Taeminie.. Naeunie.. FIGHTING! (^_^)9