Reply 1994’s Quotes

“people learn to do adjust as they live their livetheir life.” (Sung Najung – ep 1)

“The only place that made us feel safe was this place, my home.” (Sung Najung – ep 1)

“Habit. You’re accustomed to, the everyday life you’re accustomed to, and the person you’re accustomed to at same point becoming unfamiliar, is not only a confusing prospect. Maybe that’s away to start a new everyday life, and a new relationship. It maybe a convert signal.” (Sung Najung – ep 2)

“There are some words you can’t say if you die. Not any aother long and long sentences, not any other good speech skills, but the eyes saying “I Love You”, those are more than enought.” (Trash – ep 4)

“In this world. There are words that are harder to say than dying. To the people I love, there are words that are very hard to say. When i have to ecplain the hurt that I’ve caused. and those still unprepared when I have to tell them the truth. When you have to make someone you love listen to a truth, that’s really hard to accept.. when you have to say something that’s so deathly difficult, you have to think of any one thing. Better than any long long words. Better than any well-crafted words. The light in your eyes that says that you love them, if that’s the only thing it’s enough.” (Trash – ep 5)

“We all get used the relationship in this world and eventualy, we take it for granted. The strongest power of a present is making heart flutter and appreviating that of familiar and natural relaionships once again. By picking the present and worrying about the card phrases, and while we put our thoughts and our heart in there, you realize how much that present means, again. Moreover, those thoughts and feelings will most definitely be delivered to the recipient. However if that familiar and natural relationships, degrades to intensitivity, now, any gifts or belated afforts have no meaning. To the withered orchid, which was abadoned in a corner of a porch, belated water and fertilize are useless. Better the relationship withers, before you become dull with each other, a gift should be given. you’re heart should be expressed…” ( Sung Najung – ep 6)

“It’s not fun recieving a present that you’ve already know about. By all means, the most inportant aspect of a present is…it’s surpise and unexpectedness. The present that appeared ta an amazing timing, as if it were a lie was more touching than a miracle. Although, there was no name or address of the sender, we could guess who might have sent the gift..” ( Sung Najung – ep 6)

Present. This english word has two meanings. “Gift” and “Now”. Perhaps, it means that the most precious gift is present, the very time before us. Although,  we constantly bicked, and pestered each other, we learned on each other, rubbing skin. Those happy times.” ( Sung Najung – ep 6)